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    Boudoir Shoot

          Boudoir UK./bu:dwa.r./

In photography it is a style in which a person takes photos as a means to document how great they look and feel at that given time. These photos are typically taken partially clothed or in lingerie.

We strive to help individuals become confident in their own glorious bodies, realizing that true beauty is emitted from within.
Excuses like “sounds like a good idea for when I’m fit” or “sure after I lose another 20lbs” are just obstacles created by our subconscious insecurities. Whether you are in the process of reconstruction or not, every step of the way is a celebration of You! Loving yourself exactly as you are.  It’s all about self love and learning to see that with a little help of a camera. 

         But let’s not limit the creativity!


We like to party so don't forget to invite us to your next big event! Whether you need a company holiday party photographer, wedding photographer, performance photographer or a photographer for any type of event we have you covered. Contact us to learn about our event packages to learn more. 

Beyond Photo Shoot


Beyond photo shoots are those personally designed to manifest your innermost creativity, vision, and desire. We encourage all types of self love and originality. Themes such as bathtub, body painting, bridal, sport, outdoor, engagement, save the date and pin-up are just a few in which we’ve dabbled in and are ready to explore some more!

Paint n' Shoot - no props necessary, this service begins by selecting a theme between photographer and client for a partial/full body painting with photo session after. The theme can be an interpretation of a classical painting, an independent theme, or abstract.

Doodle Shoot- exactly as it sounds, this service is comparable to getting a temporary tattoo with a speedy photo shoot after. Different from the Paint n' Shoot that is extensive and well planned, a doodle shoot is a 30 minute art splash accompanied with a 30 minute photo shoot. Think stripes down the legs, mermaid scales along the tummy,  an outline of the tattoo you've been debating about for year, pick of the artist, etc.... this shoot is the definition of spontaneous. 

Goddess Bath- This is a 30 minute milk bath photo shoot. During consultation the client and representative will choose on props, theme, and even milk preference to truly make this shoot one of a kind. An array of props may be used from pearls, fresh flowers and fruits to sheer fabrics and candles. Not only is this shoot fun, but a milk bath is well known throughout the history of many cultures for its therapeutic properties.

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