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About Us

Antojo is more than a word, it is the craving to create, to become, to explore, to play, to have fun, and most of all, be yourself. The idea was formed on a whim, a chaotic mash up of paint and bathtubs took our definition of boudoir to the next level. It was the passion to help all individuals not only females at an affordable price that turned photography sessions into artistic compositions, as if they were silent operas captured in secret.

Meet the team, Ruky and Paige, two photographers/artists based in Colorado on a mission to connect with beautiful souls to manifest their inner most creative dreams. Our goal is to create art by inspiring self love and confidence. 

Let us help you indulge your inner fantasy of self expression in a classy, artistic, ever lasting memory

Want to learn more? Stay tuned for our Upcoming Blog!

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